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Asset Disposal

ITreborn ensures that retired assets are recycled or disposed of in a safe manner every time with minimal effect to the ecosystem.

Through our large chain of contacts the majority of equipment is reclaimed by both the commercial and domestic sectors.

To arrange an appointment or to discuss your options please email us.

 IT Asset Services

  • Asset removal
  • Asset relocation
  •  Asset sanitisation
  • IT asset audits

Data Destruction

ITreborn offers multiple levels of data destruction. If required a disk format is performed on all working systems collected.

We provide four levels of data destruction depending on your requirements:

  • Level 1: Simple single pass wipe
  • Level 2: Three pass read/write using Australian Government approved methods.
  • Level 3: Seven pass read/write using Australian Government approved  methods.
  • Level 4: Physical disk destruction.

We provide a signed certificate with detailed asset report confirming all data has been removed.


All assets deemed to be unusable are sent to our eWaste specialist partner where all components are dismantled and separated according to material type. i.e. plastics, mother boards, sheet metal, glass, copper and cable.

Using this method we can virtually eliminate any of your material going to landfill.


If you prefer we can work with you to come to an agreed Buy-out price for your retired assets upfront. This way you get your payment quickly with no hidden costs.

Purchase price will be adjusted to include appropriate transport and required services

To arrange an appointment or to discuss your options please email us.