Data Destruction


Data Security is a major concern for organisations of all sizes.

You need to be sure that any trace of your company’s data has been wiped from the hard drives.

The potential damages from breaches or losses of data in old IT assets could be enormous.

Especially since such breeches are well publicised by the media.

Even digital photocopiers are a great source of data as every photocopier has a hard drive that stores documents for printing or emailing. If this hard drive isn’t wiped properly, those who know what they are doing can easily get access to sensitive information such as bank records, passport details and tax information.

In one instance, a data security expert from the United States managed to remove the hard drive from a photocopier that had been with the New York Police Sex Crimes division. Downloading a forensic software program from the internet, within 12 hours he was able to restore documents detailing domestic violence complaints and a list of wanted sex offenders as well as targets listed for police drug raids.

Can you imagine the potential trouble your company would face if sensitive data leaked out through old computers?

Properly disposing of your IT assets should be a major priority for your organisation!

If you decide to do it yourself then you need to know that the process of wiping a hard drive is slightly more complicated than deleting the files on your computer and/or reinstalling the operating system.

You need to use specialised software that will wipe all traces of the data from your computer. If you really want to be totally safe, then you can physically destroy the hard drives.

If you’d like help to ensure your data is properly disposed of then CALL US to find out how we can help minimise your risks.